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Residence Essentials

Residence Essentials

Preparing for your move to residence? Explore these essentials to make your residence room truly feel like your new home away from home. From bedding in your a variety of colours to Purple and Proud pillows, and beyond, this selection is perfect for anyone in traditional, hybrid, or suite-style buildings.


Order between July 24 and August 23 to get your linens delivered directly to your residence before your move-in date. A perfect option for those travelling from far and want to pack less. NOTE: Books, clothes and other items must be separate orders.

A residence room with Western branded sheets and products A person making a Western branded bed


Women sitting on a bed holding a Western branded pillow


Order Essentials to Your Residence for Move-In

Preparing your to-do list for your big move? Order Residence Essentials from the selection below to be delivered straight to your residence building, and pick it up at the front desk when you move in. This is a convenient option for those traveling from abroad, or if you just want one less item to pack in your car.

Please note that this must be ordered separately from merchandise in apparel, gifts & supplies, and books.