SERVICE UPDATE (COVID-19) | UPDATED JUNE 12, 2020: To ensure the health and safety of our staff and community, the Book Store at Western has closed retail operations for the time being.

WE ARE NOW FULFILLING ONLINE ORDERS FOR DELIVERY ONLY. In-store pickup is not available at this time. Please note: due to current events, current order processing times are 5-8 business days..

Please note that all couriers are experiencing extremely high volumes of parcels with reduced staff at their processing facilities. They have therefore advised customers to expect delays with their parcel deliveries, and delivery time estimates are not being guaranteed. We estimate delivery in Canada to be up to 14 days. These delays are beyond our control, and we appreciate your patience.

Contacts & Directory

Contact Name or Department Location Email Phone
The Book Store at Western UCC 7 Phone: 519-661-3520
Fax: 519-661-3673
Book Information Desk UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84553
519-661-3520 x84555
Customer Service Desk UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84573
Special Orders Desk UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83871
Web Orders UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84565

Sales & Communication

Contact Name or Department Location Email Phone
Cribar, Stephen (Associate Director, Sales & Communications) UCC 7E 519-661-4037 x84037
General Merchandise and Supplies
Pfaff, Tegan (General Merchandise Buyer) UCC 7 (519) 661-4036 x84036
Fleck, Chris (General Merchandise Administration) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x86284
Customer Service
Forsythe, Julie (Customer Service Coordinator) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84573
Store Services
Doran, Jane (Sales Floor Manager) UCC 7B 519-661-3520 x82267
Chapman, Julie (General Merchandise) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83520
Abel, Karen (Store Service Retail Sales) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83520
Special Orders UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83871
Nobre, Teresa (Special Orders Coordinator) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83871


Contact Name or Department Location Email Phone
Johnston, Ingrid (Acting Director) UCC 7D 519-661-4038 x84038
Sandieson, Rachel (Manager, Course Books) UCC 7F 519-661-3667 x83667
Hardman, Fran (Course Books) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84566
Custom Course Material UCC 4 519-850-2960 x82960
Derrah, Kim (Course Pack & Copyright Inquires) UCC 4 519-850-2960 x82960
Administrative Services  
Czech, Rachael (Accounts Receivable/Payable) UCC 7A 519-661-3520 x84556
Inventory & Security
Barrow, Darrin (Manager, Inventory & Security) UCC 7E 519-661-2963 x82963
Shipping & Receiving
Innes, Heather (Shipping & Receiving) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x82291

Information Technology

Contact Name or Department Location Email Phone
Information Systems
Alimorad, Hosham
(Associate Director, Business Strategy & Information Systems)
UCC 7P 519-661-3099 x83099
Web Orders UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84565
Hickmott, Vicky (Web Orders) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84565
Campus Computer Store UCC 36 519-661-3520 x86286
Assaf, Mike (Institutional Sales) UCC 36 519-661-3520 x85113
Green, Tim (Technical Services) UCC 80 519-661-3520 x81537
Yuhasz, Mike (Sales) UCC 36 519-661-3520 x86286


Those interested in employment with the Book Store at Western, please see the employment page.