CLOSURE NOTICE (COVID-19) | UPDATED MARCH 24, 2020: To ensure the health and safety of our staff and community, the Book Store at Western is closed until further notice. ONLINE ORDERING IS AVAILABLE ONLY FOR PURCHASE OF eBOOKS .

Please check back for updates as the situation evolves. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to serving you in the future.

Contacts & Directory

Contact Name or Department Location Email Phone
The Book Store at Western UCC 7 Phone: 519-661-3520
Fax: 519-661-3673
Book Information Desk UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84553
519-661-3520 x84555
Customer Service Desk UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84573
Special Orders Desk UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83871
Web Orders UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84565

Sales & Communication

Contact Name or Department Location Email Phone
Cribar, Stephen (Associate Director, Sales & Communications) UCC 7E 519-661-4037 x84037
Browning, Laurie (Reception) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83520
General Merchandise and Supplies
Charbonneau, Nicole (Supplies Buyer) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x82290
Pfaff, Tegan (General Merchandise Buyer) UCC 7 (519) 661-4036 x84036
Fleck, Chris (General Merchandise Administration) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x86284
Customer Service
Forsythe, Julie (Customer Service Coordinator) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84573
Store Services
Doran, Jane (Sales Floor Manager) UCC 7B 519-661-3520 x82267
Chapman, Julie (General Merchandise) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83520
Huxley, Lotte (Store Service Book Information) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83520
Lunney, Anne (Store Service Book Information) UCC 7   519-661-3520 x83520
Abel, Karen (Store Service Retail Sales) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83520
Stevens, Debbie (Store Service Book Information) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83520
Marketing & Advertising
Kenward, Pam (Marketing Assistant) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84560
Special Orders UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83871
Nobre, Teresa (Special Orders Coordinator) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x83871


Contact Name or Department Location Email Phone
Johnston, Ingrid (Acting Director) UCC 7D 519-661-4038 x84038
Murray, Gail (Manager, Course Books) UCC 7F 519-661-3667 x83667
Lee, Barb (Course Books Coordinator) UCC 7 519-661-3644 x83644
Hardman, Fran (Course Books) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84566
Custom Course Material UCC 4 519-850-2960 x82960
Derrah, Kim (Course Pack & Copyright Inquires) UCC 4 519-850-2960 x82960
Administrative Services  
Czech, Rachael (Accounts Receivable/Payable) UCC 7A 519-661-3520 x84556
Rabich, Konstantin (Accounts Receivable/Payable) UCC 7A 519-661-3520 x84557
Inventory & Security
Barrow, Darrin (Manager, Inventory & Security) UCC 7E 519-661-2963 x82963
Shipping & Receiving
Mouritzen, Chris (Manager, Shipping & Receiving) UCC 7 519-661-3280 x83280
Innes, Heather (Shipping & Receiving) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x82291
Books Plus WR 53 519-661-4091 x84091
Castillo, Ed (Manager, Books Plus) WR 53 519-661-4091 x84091

Information Technology

Contact Name or Department Location Email Phone
Information Systems
Alimorad, Hosham
(Associate Director, Business Strategy & Information Systems)
UCC 7P 519-661-3099 x83099
Technical Support
Coysh, Tristan (Web Development) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x89111
Web Orders UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84565
Hickmott, Vicky (Web Orders) UCC 7 519-661-3520 x84565
Campus Computer Store UCC 36 519-661-3520 x86286
Assaf, Mike (Institutional Sales) UCC 36 519-661-3520 x85113
Green, Tim (Technical Services) UCC 80 519-661-3520 x81537
Yuhasz, Mike (Sales) UCC 36 519-661-3520 x86286


Those interested in employment with the Book Store at Western, please see the employment page.